Teen health assessment

Losing sleep worrying about tests and schoolwork? Eating on the run because your schedule is just too busy? Everyone feels stressed out at times — adults, teens, and even kids.

Teen health assessment

It can also be a powerful tool in calling your community to action. Community Assessments are Teen health assessment first step in a larger planning process for communities seeking to improve adolescent sexual health outcomes.

Local Health Department-Community Health Center Collaboration Toolkit

See Planning for Evidence-Based Programming to learn about a widely-used, comprehensive planning process, and Adapting Evidence-Based Programs for information about which program adaptations are appropriate and which should be avoided.

Getting Started Who is at the Table? The work group that designs and carries out the assessment is key. Can you involve members of your priority population? Who else could help give you access to the information you are looking for?

Defining Community Before starting the assessment process, it is helpful to clarify what we mean by community. These do not necessarily describe the social environments young people grow up in. When gathering descriptive data on adolescent sexual risk-taking behaviors and the risk and protective factors that influence these behaviors, consider social settings beyond political-geographical boundaries, such as individual schools, ethnic neighborhoods, or other priority communities such as youth in foster care.

Demographics and Prevalence The first step in any prevention effort is to describe the problem as it exists now. Demographic data are also important in helping us understand who is most affected. Risk and Protective Factors To plan effective interventions, we also need to describe the specific risk and protective factors that affect youth in the community.

Research has identified many factors that influence adolescent sexual risk-taking behaviors. An adolescent who experiences risk factors without counter-balancing protective factors is more likely to run into serious trouble. Readiness for Change Is the community ready for the change you want to make?

Teen Mental Health Evaluation

When it comes to adolescent sexual health, this is an especially salient question, since sex education interventions are often controversial in local communities. A low level of community readiness will indicate the need for one strategy, while a high level will likely lead you to a different strategy.Teen Functional Assessment (TeFA) The TeFA is a self-report tool.

It is meant to be completed by the patient and should take no more than three minutes to complete for most adolescents. The Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens (CHAT®) is a Scientifically Validated Tool with Strong Psychometrics for teens and adolescents.

Teen Health Assessment will no longer be available after March 15, We hope it has been a valuable community resource over the last five years. What is the WAY2GO!? The WAY2GO!

Pre-conception counseling (also called pre-conceptual counseling) is a meeting with a health-care professional (generally a physician or midwife) by a woman before attempting to become leslutinsduphoenix.com generally includes a pre-conception risk assessment for any potential complications of pregnancy as well as modifications of risk factors, such as increasing folic acid intake to reduce the risk of. Teen Functional Assessment (TeFA) The TeFA is a self-report tool. It is meant to be completed by the patient and should take no more than three minutes to complete for most adolescents. Hi (or Hello) is a frequent act of greeting or welcoming leslutinsduphoenix.com or Hi may also refer to.

is an online wellness assessment tool generating immediate, individually tailored reports for people after questions about general health are answered. May 23,  · Staying Healthy Assessment Questionnaires (SHA) Age and language-specific SHA questionnaires can be opened by clicking the links below.

Currently all questionnaires are available in .

Teen health assessment

Catalog Number: Name: Quantity Per Unit: Program (Click for Program Literature Only) Restrictions: BREASTFEEDING ROOMING-IN AT THE HOSPITAL EN/SP: PAD/. Serious health problems, risky behavior, and poor health habits persist among adolescents despite access to medical care.

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