Sample college essays for university of michigan

Each applicant must respond to the 2 additional supplemental essays on top of writing their personal statement. As you approach these essays, keep in mind that all your application materials are reviewed as a package.

Sample college essays for university of michigan

This is not an official U of M site. The essay-within-an-essay that follows is indeed what I would like to submit were I applying for admission, but I am not applying, so it is essentially a political and personal statement, which is why it is here on my web site.

All undergraduate applicants to the University of Michigan must write an essay not exceeding words on one of these topics: At the University of Michigan, we are committed to building an academically superb and widely diverse educational community.

What would you as an individual bring to our campus community? Describe an experience you've had where cultural diversity--or a lack thereof--has made a difference to you.

By applying for admission, you declare your wish to be an ingredient.

sample college essays for university of michigan

If you want to convince the chefs that you are part of their recipe, you have all the hints you need. I recommend that you commit a revolutionary act by being completely honest. If what you would "bring to. Where else are you supposed to go? Don't cater to the University's institutional xenophilia.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being popular, well-adjusted, intelligent, ordinary and White. You prolly won't get admitted this way, but your act of revolutionary honesty will be the beginning of a profound political education, which is why I recommend it.

On the other hand, you might believe that you have some spark of genius. You might be an idiot in many ways and still have a special, rare spark. Do you even know? If you do, then there's your essay topic.

If not, you might consider writing an "anti-admissions essay": That's not why I am applying. I'm applying because I think I have some kind of rare spark of genius, and I hope the pursuit of a degree at the University of Michigan would help me develop that spark.

Isn't that what you're there for? Don't you really exist for me? Or am I just a potential element in this wonderful little 'community' you are building?

Here is the admission essay I would submit: In the Fall of I brought to the University of Michigan a mathematically talented, slightly whacked, seriously clueless young man infatuated with various popular critiques of normality but who had poor social skills and nothing in the way of wisdom.

It was a difficult year for me. I felt as out of place at the University as I did in the small town high school I came from. My personal failings led to academic failings which led to a period of military service. While still in the Army I joined a religious cult.

Participation in the cult made me aware of potentials of mind I otherwise never would have known about. I learned how to focus my attention and how to study effectively for hour after hour. Sometimes I could dissipate emotional knots I'd gotten into.Each school at the University of Michigan varies in its individual acceptance rate, but the general rate of admission to the University of Michigan in was %.

How to Write the University of Michigan Essays.

sample college essays for university of michigan

The University of Michigan admissions essays have been released for the admissions cycle (photo credit: AndrewHorne). The University of Michigan admissions essays are out for and we at Ivy Coach have got them for you.

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Read on to learn how to write the University of Michigan supplemental essays. Our college essay experts go through a rigorous selection process that evaluates their writing skills and knowledge of college admissions. We also train them on how to interpret prompts, facilitate the brainstorming process, and provide inspiration for great.

Includes a political statement expressed in the form of a 'sample admission essay'. University of Michigan Sample Admission Essay It should be obvious, but just in case: This is not an official U of M site. How to Write the Michigan State University Essays September 18, Sample ideas: One of your best friends comes out as gay in high school.

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But that's what University of Michigan does. Applicants have to write multiple essays. You've got to get letters of recommendation.

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