Rj2 reflection on own specialist knowledge and skills

The programme has five pathways: For GTCS registered secondary teachers who have a remit for teaching dance within their school, this GTCS-accredited Masters level qualification provides opportunities to develop and demonstrate the specialist knowledge and skills required to teach dance successfully across the Scottish secondary school curriculum. With bespoke support from a range of educational and subject specialists, you will construct an evidence base to demonstrate your engagement with the GTCS Standards for Registration.

Rj2 reflection on own specialist knowledge and skills

Methods of keeping up to date Trying to keep up to date often feels like a daunting challenge with a relentless tide of new information to absorb. A careful evaluation of needs and priorities and using a personal development plan PDP are therefore essential to keep up to date but also to avoid information overload.

Indiana Content Standards for Educators. SCHOOL LIBRARIAN. School librarians are expected to have a broad and comprehensive understanding of the knowledge and skills needed for this educator license, and to use that knowledge to help students prepare for strategies for using reflection, self-assessment, and professional development. library field, the school library media specialist must demonstrate knowledge of learners, the learning environment, and principles for the effective integration of the . Skills coaching programmes are tailored specifically to the individual, their knowledge, experience, maturity and ambitions and is generally focused on achieving a number of objectives for both the individual and the company.

You must regularly take part in activities that maintain and develop your competence and performance. You must be familiar with guidelines and developments that affect your work. You must keep up to date with, and follow, the law, our guidance and other regulations relevant to your work.

You must take steps to monitor and improve the quality of your work. It is important to keep up to date in all aspects of being a doctor, partner and employer and to include skills clinical, consultation, interpersonal, leadership, etcas well as knowledge in any development plan.

The advent of revalidation in placed further emphasis on the importance of keeping up to date and on providing evidence of doing so.

General Medical Council Guidance on Keeping Up to Date

Doctors are obliged to maintain a folder or portfolio of information drawn from their practice to show how they are meeting the required standards. This is demonstrated at an annual appraisal. The portfolio places emphasis on how the various sections relate to the categories in Good Medical Practice.

Furthermore, GMC guidance on keeping up to date includes: A requirement to reflect regularly on standards of your medical practice. Remaining competent and up to date across the scope of your medical roles. Maintenance and improvement of standards of your own practice and that of the team in which you work.

Shaping your continuing professional development CPD by not only your own needs but by those of the people who use the service. A requirement to reflect on outcomes of learning and to keep a record of both reflection and impact to practice.

Evaluating learning needs Self-evaluation Reflection: Consider setting aside dedicated time eg, minutes at the end of each day, to consider issues arising that day rather than letting them build up, become daunting and possibly end up being forgotten.

Reflection following learning events has also become an important part of the evidence required for revalidation. Reflect on what has been learned, what will change practice and whether any further action needs to be taken further learning, audit, etc as a result.Fall , NU Adult Health Care Practicum I Reflection Paper #1- Cornelia C.

Reflections on Leadership

Campbell 1 Advance Practice Nursing Roles What this means to me. professional knowledge, skills and experience knowledge of the children, families and communities attending their service awareness of how their own beliefs and values impact on .

reflection in clinical practice and briefly describe the implementation of a structured approach which has been used to develop reflective practice skills within the University of . Reflections on Leadership. Thomas E. Cronin Third is the complaint that leadership training would more than likely be preoccupied with skills, techniques, and the means of getting things done.

Society today rewards the expert or the super specialist – the data processors, the pilots, the financial whiz, the heart surgeon, the special. Published: Mon, 5 Dec As the name itself implies Personal Development Plan is a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development and to encourage critically reflective practice.

Rj2 reflection on own specialist knowledge and skills

Skills coaching programmes are tailored specifically to the individual, their knowledge, experience, maturity and ambitions and is generally focused on achieving a number of objectives for both the individual and the company.

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