Research paper charles dickens christmas carol

As with his previous magazine, the author searched for a title that could be derived from a Shakespearean quotation.

Research paper charles dickens christmas carol

Not only does he refuse to donate money, he asks if the prisons and work houses are still open, which indicates he sees the poor as a burden to society and that they already have their basic needs being met by these institutions. The most obvious example of responsibility in Stave I is when Ebenezer Scrooge is approached by two men soliciting for charity to support the poor and Scrooge refuses to donate.

This shows a general lack of personal responsibility, as well as a lack of empathy. I help to support the establishments I have mentioned—they cost enough; and those who are badly off must go there. If he was not required to pay tax, which is what keeps those institutions open, it is obvious he would not be helping these "idle" people.

Research paper charles dickens christmas carol

By calling them "idle" he also does not truly understand why they are poor or the complexity of poverty. He sees himself as financially responsible and them as financially irresponsible.

As the story continues, responsibility is show in many other areas by other characters. The two men who are requesting money for charity show their own social responsibility. We see responsibility to family in Bob Cratchit and how he takes care of his family and puts them first above everything.

We see responsibility for being a good employer and friend in Fezziwig and his holiday party. We see Scrooge becoming responsible later when he decides to give to the charity, to Bob Cratchit, and to Fred.

The overall message of the story is that one can be entirely selfish and not responsible for anyone but themselves, but that only brings a life of misery.

To be truly happy one must embrace others and their responsibilities both financial and personal to them.Get an answer for 'How does Dickens present a sense of joy and celebration? Describe the ways he evokes these emotions in the following passage from A Christmas Carol, which begins "Old Fezziwig.

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