Market research on luxury watches essay

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Market research on luxury watches essay

Cartier …is what I often like to say to my fellow watch friends when they start again asking the same silly questions about Cartier. It was or when I bought my first real watch; the Cartier Santos. That was, of course, the square watch in steel with yellow gold lunette and steel bracelet with yellow gold screws.

It was hot like hell and became the most copied watch. So you can imagine that it did not take long before I became obsessed with watches in general, especially with Cartier.

These GTGs were organised by collectors themselves and were always quite amusing. Everyone brought a few pieces from their collection and with loads of beer and wine, we chatted about the various models until late in the evening.

Brand Positioning: Luxury Watches Essays

But always the same brands got all the attention and for me it was quite frustrating that one only paid attention to my Cartier watches, to be polite. The excellent finishing of the movements, was done by Cartier and was visible through the back, since many of the models had a glass back, to see the movement.

A feature that was pretty unusual at that time. A grail watch needed to have an in-house movement to be the real thing deal.

So besides the fact that an in-house movement was becoming more and more important, Cartier realised very well that to be really successful and reliable in the world of high-end watches, they had to produce not only their own calibers, but also as many parts as possible, like the case, springs, rotors, dials, hands, glass etc.

This very modern and high-end manufacture is now together with the Rolex and Omega manufacture, the largest in Switzerland! Unfortunately, the watch was housed in a 47mm over-sized Ballon Bleu case, following the large watch trend.

It needed to prove that the reliability, efficiency and accuracy of a mechanical or automatic caliber could be improved. This was the caliber that received the first Geneva Seal for Cartier. Unfortunately, the movement was presented in a too large 47mm Ballon Bleu case.

But in the meantime, much more wearable 40mm Rotonde and gorgeous Ballon Bleu Flying Tourbillon models have been launched. Calibre de Cartier A very important development was the automatic MC caliber that was presented in A thin automatic caliber with 48 hours of power reserve, featuring the time with a subsidiary seconds dial 6 and a date complication.

Cartier made sure that it had enough differences in comparison to most of the base movements offered by ETA. It is the first diver watch for Cartier and is, believe it or not, the slimmest Diver in the world. The case diameter is 42mm and the watch has a height of just 11mm.

As it should be, the back of the case is closed and the bezel is self-lubricating and unidirectional, steel coated with ADLC, a material that is harder than steel. The sapphire crystal that is 1.

This watch is the Worlds first escapement adjustment-free and lubrication free tourbillon. All corrections of the watch can be made via the crown and only needs one correct per year.

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A very eye-catching watch that comes with a white- pink gold or ADLC coated titanium case. The skeletonized bridges are in the shape of Roman numerals and are, in case of the all-black version, ADLC coated.

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Market research on luxury watches essay

ADVERTISEMENT. Without doubt, marketing is the single most customer orientated department within an organisation. Without the customer there is no company. The Swiss luxury watch-making industry is a very lucrative market and the many barriers make it extremely difficult for new entrants.

Established companies. Luxury Watches Market: Global Industry Analysis, Trends, Market Size & Forecasts to The report on global luxury watchesmarket provides qualitative and quantitative analysis for the period of t Take advantage of new WSS functionality. In order to best take advantage of new WSS functionality on the new version of your team project portal sites you may wish to reset the site look and feel of your migrated sites to surface WSS features.

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