Impact of internet auctions on e-commerce essay

By AllBusiness Editors In: People routinely search for goods and services with their computers in lieu of the yellow pages. Also, online advertising is cheap. Advertising in the phone book or a newspaper is expensive, especially if you want an ad that has a presence on the page.

Impact of internet auctions on e-commerce essay

Types of E-commerce[ change change source ] There are 5 common types of E-commerce: Consumer to business E-commerce [2] Business to business E-commerce Business to consumer E-commerce, also called online shopping Consumer to consumer E-commerce Advantages of E-commerce[ change change source ] It can help increase profits; it can increase sales and decrease costs.

It can help organizations have customers all around the globe and not be limited to a specific region. It helps organizations bring higher return on advertisements, if managed properly.

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It helps organizations identify new suppliers, partners and customers. It increases flexibility and ease of shopping for the customer.

Impact of internet auctions on e-commerce essay

It can help in low operational cost. It can provide personalized product and customer customization. Disadvantages of E-commerce[ change change source ] The buyer cannot touch or feel the product online. The customer has to wait for delivery of their product. Perishable goods bought online can get spoiled during delivery.

It is difficult to know when an online site is safe to use.IMPACT OF ONLINE STORES Purchasing of goods and services over the internet is known as Online shopping.

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The websites over the internet are the online stores for purchasing. Impacts of Information Technology on Society in the new Century The impact of information technology on the rms’ cost structure can be best illustrated on the electronic commerce example. The key areas of cost reduction when carrying out a sale With the Internet, e-commerce is rapidly expanding into a fast-moving, open global market.

e-commerce experience, augment an organization’s customer support, or improve a customer’s specific e-site experience.

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The data are valuable for reuse, for example, in finding potential sales. There are many forms in which e-commerce take place, for example, in electronic payment, online auctions, online ticketing and banking. Genres of E-commerce Classification of e-commerce is done basing on the participants in a transaction.

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