How to write acknowledgment for assignments

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How to write acknowledgment for assignments

India Table of Contents Administration and Funding Education is divided into preprimary, primary, middle or intermediatesecondary or high schooland higher levels.

Primary school includes children of ages six to eleven, organized into classes one through five. Middle school pupils aged eleven through fourteen are organized into classes six through eight, and high school students ages fourteen through seventeen are enrolled in classes nine through twelve.

Higher education includes technical schools, colleges, and universities. Article 42 of the constitution, an amendment added intransferred education from the state list of responsibilities to the central government. Prior to this assumption of direct responsibility for promoting educational facilities for all parts of society, the central government had responsibility only for the education of minorities.

Article 43 of the constitution set the goal of free and compulsory education for all children through age fourteen and gave the states the power to set standards for education within their jurisdictions.

Despite this joint responsibility for education by state and central governments, the central government has the preponderant role because it drafts the five-year plans, which include education policy and some funding for education.

Moreover, in the implementation of the National Policy on Education initiated a long-term series of programs aimed at improving India's education system by ensuring that all children through the primary level have access to education of comparable quality irrespective of caste, creed, location, or sex.

The policy set a goal that, byall children by age eleven were to have five years of schooling or its equivalent in nonformal education.

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By all children up to age fourteen were to have been provided free and compulsory education. The target was not achieved, but by setting such goals, the central government was seen as expressing its commitment to the ideal of universal education.

The Department of Education, part of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, implements the central government's responsibilities in educational matters.

The ministry coordinates planning with the states, provides funding for experimental programs, and acts through the University Grants Commission and the National Council of Educational Research and Training. These organizations seek to improve education standards, develop and introduce instructional materials, and design textbooks in the country's numerous languages see The Social Context of Language, ch.

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The National Council of Educational Research and Training collects data about education and conducts educational research.

State-level ministries of education coordinate education programs at local levels. City school boards are under the supervision of both the state education ministry and the municipal government. In rural areas, either the district board or the panchayat village council--see Glossary oversees the school board see Local Government, ch.

The significant role the panchayats play in education often means the politicization of elementary education because the appointment and transfer of teachers often become emotional political issues. State governments provide most educational funding, although since independence the central government increasingly has assumed the cost of educational development as outlined under the five-year plans.

India spends an average 3 percent of its GNP on education. Spending for education ranged between 4.

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In the early s, about 10 percent of central and state funds went to education, a proportion well below the average of seventy-nine other developing countries. More than 90 percent of the expenditure was for teachers' salaries and administration. Per capita budget expenditures increased from Rs Nevertheless, total expenditure per student per year by the central and state governments declined in real terms.

Primary and Secondary Education Several factors work against universal education in India.Learn more about the NMSU Police Department and the services we provide the community. Get information about personal safety, crime prevention programs, view a .

how to write acknowledgment for assignments

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how to write acknowledgment for assignments

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