Doing business in saudi arabia

Some private sector organisations still retain a 6-day work week, with Friday serving as the only day off. Public sector working days are Sunday to Thursday. Government Office hours are mainly 8. Private sector working days are usually:

Doing business in saudi arabia

The predominant religion for Egypt is Islam, the practice of the Muslim faith. Islam is an Arabic word which means peace, love and complete submission and obedience to God. There is no difference between Islam and Muslims. Islam is the religion that a Muslim follows, just as Christianity is the religion which a Christian follows.

Saudi Arabia imposes a Business Income Tax (there is no personal income tax). The Tax Regulations tax the income of foreign companies in Saudi Arabia and the foreign partner’s share of net income from mixed Saudi/foreign companies. Doing business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) is the world’s largest oil producer and exporter, and controls the world’s second largest hydrocarbon reserves. Saudi Arabia remains a very conservative society, with rich but sometimes confusing traditions, even compared to its Middle East neighbours. Understanding Saudi cultural, ethical and business values as well as recent changes in the Kingdom is vital for any organisation doing business in today’s rapidly changing Saudi markets.

A Muslim is someone who has accepted Islam and lives his whole life according to the teachings of Islam. A true Muslim is one who is loving and caring, promotes peace, and is fully obedient and submissive to the will of God.

Islam demands from its believers that they establish peace in the world, promote love and make such examples of themselves that others, knowing that they are Muslims, feel at peace and harmony in that knowledge. This is the true Islam and what it means to be a Muslim.

The Holy Prophet of Islam has said that a true Muslim is one whose actions and words do not harm his fellow man. If someone calling himself a Muslim and a follower of the Holy Prophet does not promote peace and love in his actions and does not follow this teaching, he cannot be a true follower of the Holy Prophet.

Doing business in saudi arabia

It is full of wisdom and commands. Saudi Arabia Appearance Never show bare shoulders, stomach, calves and thighs.

Visitors are expected to abide by local standards of modesty however, do not adopt native clothing. Traditional clothes on foreigners may be offensive. Despite the heat, most of the body must always remain covered.

A jacket and tie are usually required for men at business meetings. Men should wear long pants and a shirt, preferably long-sleeved, buttoned up to the collar.

Expat Working and Living in Saudi Arabia

Men should also avoid wearing visible jewelry, particularly around the neck. Women should always wear modest clothing in public. High necklines sleeves at least to the elbows are expected.


Hemlines, if not ankle-length should at least be well below the knee. A look of baggy concealment should be the goal, pants or pant suits are not recommended.

It is a good idea to keep a scarf handy, especially if entering a Mosque.

Living in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Behavior It is common to remove your shoes before entering a building.Saudi Arabia imposes a Business Income Tax (there is no personal income tax). The Tax Regulations tax the income of foreign companies in Saudi Arabia and the foreign partner’s share of net income from mixed Saudi/foreign companies.

Doing Business in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has often attracted widespread controversy regarding the way its society operates, especially in the Western world – sometimes fuelled by spectators who do not know much about the country itself. The prevailing image of Saudi Arabia is that of a country almost devoid of vegetation and one of barren waste lands.

Mrs. Sheila Collenette in her book ‘Wild Flowers of Saudi Arabia’ published by Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA) records 2, species of flora excluding grasses and mosses, which bear ample witness to the great diversity of the Kingdom’s flora.

Doing business in saudi arabia

Business Etiquette, Languages & Culture Business Practices A lot of time has to be spent getting to know people and establishing relationships before doing business in . The Kingdom’s financial system consists of the Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority (SAMA, Saudi Arabia’s central bank), licensed retail banks, private investment programs, specialized lending institutions, and .

Taxation is a specialised subject and advice should be sought from specialists practicing in Saudi Arabia as part of the planning stage for doing business in this market. Income tax There are.

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